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Scratch cards

Since national lotteries began to grow in popularity across the world, the concept of scratch cards has been introduced. Rather than have to wait for a weekly draw to come along, players can now purchase their ticket and in an instant, they know whether or not they can claim a cash prize.
The chance of claiming an instant win transfers easily into the online world and at, there is a great choice of online scratch cards to complement our casino games. If you’re interested in playing a scratch card game online, here’s what you need to do in order to get started.

Sign Up

It’s a fast and easy sign up process at and it’s one that comes with a choice of welcome offers to get you up and running. These offers provide different levels of bonus cash depending on your first deposit and there are free spins too for those wanting to have a go at the slots.

To access our online scratch cards, click on the tab marked lottery betting and then on the link marked ‘scratch’. Doing this will bring up a selection of scratch card games, each of which has different themes and different levels of prizes.

Game selection

At we currently have a choice of ten scratch card games and once you have registered for a new account, you have the option to play for fun while you decide which of these can be included among your favourites.


VIP Black is very popular among all of our players and play starts from as little as €0.01 and there are three ways in which you can win and claim a cash prize. The task is to match any of the winning numbers that are covered by a star and there is a top reward on offer of x1100 of your initial stake.


As the name suggests, Golden Fortune has a great cash fund waiting for the lucky winners while X & O is another of our popular online scratch cards based on the familiar noughts and crosses game. Along with those three games, you can also play Slot777, Power Cash, Lucky Charms, Golden Island, Esmeralda, Alfredo and 7th Heaven.


Each of our games has its own theme and some will be very familiar if you are a regular player of the online slot machines. There are very low entry points so you can take your time and try each one and remember that each game has its own ‘Play of Fun’ option so you can see how it works without staking any of your own money.

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